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Salon Mission Statement

The Salon@GreenHill is a gathering of residents who come together for the purpose of experiencing cultural programming.

This includes art, music,literature, science, and law. Discussion and refreshments are part of the evening. We meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 7:30pm, in the Indian Creek Room.

Our programs are innovative and may occur additionally at other times with advance notice!

A Sampling of programs:

  • Conversation with Music: Anita Schmukler and her String Quartet.
  • Fan Flaire: Sandy Melnikoff’s World class collection of Fans and lecture on Fans juxtaposed to world history.
  • An Artist’s Journey: Lawrence Myers fascinating personal odyssey.
  • Celebrate the Dream: A spectacular evening of Black Culture with Rev. Albert Campbell, Elaine Gleaves, and The Heavenly Harmony Quartet.
  • Stevie Doo Wop: A “fun-derful” evening of Rhythm and Blues.
  • Rick Spector’s nostalgic Philly Old Movies Houses: Neighborhood tour of fun facts and more.
  • Bluesberry Jam: A fun filled music evening of Acoustic Americana.