The West Building and the East Building both have laundry rooms with large clothes washers and dryers. They can be used for large or heavy loads. Residents have washer/driers in their units, so the community laundry rooms are not normally used for regular clothes washing. The Laundry Room on the lower level of the East Building is next to the package room and Maintenance Department offices, in the C tower. There is a clothes washer and a clothes drier, both large, “industrial size,” which can be used for blankets and bed spreads. There is also a standard-size washing machine. They are all coin operated. The room has chairs, a sink and two large tables for folding laundry. The laundry room is often empty and there is usually not a wait to use the machines. When a machine is already in use, residents are very cooperative and laundry can be temporarily stored on the folding tables.